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»Gelegenheit zu einer kleinen Verzweiflung«, fiel ihm ein,
»wenn ich nur zufällig, nicht absichtlich hier stünde«

Title placeholder for the ex-placeholder.

For those wondering (roughly 2 people [at max]):
The text that occupied this space was §148 of the German criminal code; stamp counterfeiting. I can say from personal experience, that said paragraph isn't a thrilling one, nor does it have big relevance in everyday legal proceedings. I also don't know anything at all, so - there's that.

On the state of this page:
This page in its current form is just a way for me to practice fun HTML and CSS stuff. A look into the code of this website will reveal that there's still a lot of room for improvement. The things I wrote prior were lies. Heheh

The big funny goes here!

This is a picture of a dog. It's here so I can imrpove my ability
to put stupid pictures next to meaningless strings of words. Nice!

Oh! Another dog!? This setup would work much better if I'd be using a grid... That'll happen.
[EDIT - It happened.]